Selcouth is filled with an eclectic mix of clothing, GIFTS & nostalgia. We ❤️ the Eighties and more! Our shop is filled with NEW and Retro finds that appeal to everyone! So come on in and Catch the Selcouth VIBE! 
While you’re here CHECK out PRINK Salon, Selcouth's counterpart, located right upstairs. PRINK offers a wide range of HAIR, NAIL and BEAUTY services.  

Selcouth is the dream child of Leslie and Angie, best friends since middle school, 1983 to be exact. We always had a passion for fashion and all things cool and unusual! Dare to be different may have been our motto!! Fast forward to 2018 when we were able to purchase our shop and create the magical shopping experience we envisioned! We are so excited to share our finds with you and hope you’ll check in often!💕