Selcouth is filled with an eclectic mix of clothing, GIFTS & nostalgia. We ❤️ the Eighties and more! Our shop is filled with NEW and Retro finds that appeal to everyone! So come on in and Catch the Selcouth VIBE! 
While you’re here CHECK out PRINK Salon, Selcouth's counterpart, located right upstairs. PRINK offers a wide range of HAIR, NAIL and BEAUTY services.  

Do you know the story?
2 BFFS since middle school in the 80s came up with this brainchild long ago.. and now here we are making our dreams come true!

Selcouth means weird, wondrous, marvelous and unusual! We buy what we want… no following trends here. So you never know what you’ll experience when you walk thru the door! We believe in having a blast and discovering the latest and coolest things out there! Stick with us… we have so much more to bring your way!!🔥

PRINK- it means to PRIMP💋
A full service salon that offers a wide variety of amazing services. Vibe Inspired by JULES’ apt in St. Elmos Fire right down to BILLY IDOL on the wall⚡️

We invite you to explore our spaces we’ve created for you. Our passion runs deep and we love what we do! Thanks to all who have been on this journey with us and to everyone’s continued support!! We ♥️you!!