Purple Yellow 2Tone Hammies Corduroy Short


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The Hammies short is an old short for a new generation. This short style was popularized in the 1960s in Southern California and for 3 decades it was the staple of skateboarders, surfers, rollerskaters, camp counselors, Tom Selleck, and many more. In the mid-1980s, shorts got longer and pants got baggier and for the proceeding 3 decades, the shorts were forgotten (a period also known as The Shorts Dark Ages). Fast-forward to 2017: Hammies has revived the once forgotten shorts in all of their primary-colored and wide-waled corduroy glory and once again, all was right with the world.

In short, the Hammies short is a homage to a time when shorts were shorter, fuzzier, and more colorful. These are your mom's shorts!

  • 🌱 Stretch corduroy (98% cotton, 2% elastic)
  • 📏 2" inseam
  • 🤸‍♂️ Elastic waist
  • 💎 Copper snap


The sizing is based on waist size in inches (size 28 is 28" waist). The fit is true-to-size. See our size guide for exact measurements 📏

If you're between sizes, we recommend checking the size guide for measurements like leg opening to help you decide. If you're still not sure, size up if you trying to do activities in them and size down if you're trying to show off that bootay  👍