Miracle Blanket Swaddle


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“The Multiple award-winning Miracle Blanket is the world’s most pediatrician recommended swaddle, and is guaranteed to fall even the fussiest babies, safely soothing them to sleep. Designed for babies 0-14 weeks, Miracle Blanket’s unique, patented design provides even pressure across baby’s abdomen and swaddles they arms separately, absorbing perspiration and more effectively mimicking the familiar, comforting sensation of the womb. Make of 100% super-soft breathable cotton-knit, the one-size fits-all Miracle Blanket wraps baby safely, without hook and loop fastener, buttons, zippers, or snaps which can irritate, scratch, or wake baby.  It’s also super easy to use, even in the dark! Feeding and changing at night have never been so simple. It is as essential for any new baby as diapers.”

-from Miracle Blanket